Principal Designer

/ CDM Advisory

At Townsend and Renaudon we are committed to providing our clients with a professional service which is focused on providing best advice in respect of build-ability at design stage to ensure safety during construction and operation, while not losing sight of the clients need to comply with Health and Safety statutory requirements.

The service we offer include:

  1. Notification to HSE-F10.
  2. Review designs and identify and reduce foreseeable hazards and design issues which may affect the health and safety of those involved in the project and future users and occupants of the buildings / structures adopting principles of prevention.
  3. Liaise with Designers and ensure all parties comply with the Regulations.
  4. Prepare Pre-Construction Information, collate information from designers, etc. issue to tendering contractors.
  5. Advise on suitability of contractors assessing competence and resources.
  6. Liaise with the Principal Contractor to ensure that a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan is in place prior to commencement of works together with the necessary site facilities.
  7. Advise the Client and Principal Contractor of any design change implications that may affect Health and Safety.
  8. Coordinate the preparation of the Health and Safety File, ensure all designers submit details.
  9. Review adequacy of Health and Safety File and submit to Client.

Details of case studies and references can be provided upon request.