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InterCity Hotel, Essen, Germany

The InterCity Hotel Essen was constructed in 2008. It is a modern hotel with 168 rooms, conference facilities and a restaurant. Following construction, both patent and latent defects became apparent within the Property. In 2013, the contractor, who constructed the Property went into liquidation.

Townsend and Renaudon were commissioned in September 2013 to undertake a full detailed condition survey of the property reporting on the defects, the impact of different rectification solutions and construction processes on cost and programme.

Townsend and Renaudon then worked closely with the client and the client user to bring about a negotiated agreement for the rectification of the defects. The agreed rectification works were tendered using a traditional procurement strategy with a quantified schedule of works. The contract programme was stringent as the client user could only make rooms available during their low-season. The works commenced at the beginning of June 2014 and were completed at the end of August 2014. The project was delivered on programme and on budget.